We provide private businesses, NGOís and governments with direct technical assistance in
designing, building and deploying solutions by using a well defined and proven methodology
in product development based on our corporate values - Customer Focus, Choice and Innovation.

In every area of expertise we thrive towards enhancing the productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of our clients.

Systems Audit, Optimization and Technical Assessments:

If information technology is the main business activity, or if it supports core institutional activities,
it is important for stakeholders and shareholders alike to fully understand the real value of IT
solutions in use or proposed.

RoundBox Consulting will help you define or refine your IT governance strategy and align it with
your business strategy. We can achieve this by performing detailed on-site audits of your existing IT
infrastructure and information flows, identifying the participants and their role in the business
process, and through modeling the workflows as they relate to your products and customers.

Design, Develop and Deploy Small and Medium Business IT Solution:

We provide customized IT solutions that fit the needs of small and medium size businesses (SMB)
by leveraging ďbigĒ business best practices and knowledge. Our solutions are designed, developed
and priced to improve the efficiency of the core business processes and enable SMBís to become
more cost effective, flexible and responsive. We provide network design and implementation, complete
security solutions, and robust e-business solutions including e-mail and web services with attention
to future scalability.

Internet Service Provider Solutions:

With an unparalleled knowledge base of ISP operations, RoundBox Consulting is a strategic partner
in delivering cost effective, high-quality, manageable and scalable solutions to customers. We provide
assistance to ISPís in documenting their processes and networks, providing a strategy for capacity
planning and peering, network monitoring and problem resolution, network based billing solutions
and network design.

In addition RoundBox Consulting offers a complete range of services for an ISP considering or
undergoing a merger or acquisition. Having participated in some of the most high profile mergers
in the ISP arena, our staff understands the need for solid technical methodology that will leverages
the technical capacity of organizations in meeting their business needs in a process that is
transparent to the customer.

Global Enterprise Network Services:

For companies with global reach and business processes, RoundBox Consulting offers services
that ensure high availability, cost effectiveness and peak performance of their global networks.
We use a multi-vendor, multi-location and multi-technology approach to offer a suite of services
that include WAN assessment, optimization, design and implementation. We also offer the most
comprehensive network security services including Secure VPNís, PKI architectures and
Secure Web Services.

Central and Local Government Solutions:

RoundBox Consulting can provide government organizations with technical assistance in all phases
of the IT lifecycle from strategy to implementation. Our solutions are platform independent
and can be tailored to the specific needs of such public institutions. We recognize the need
of such organizations to promote transparency and accountability without jeopardizing the privacy
of their constituents, the need to put every dollar to work, and the impact of regional, national
and global e-government strategies.

Our solutions range form communication infrastructure development and database integration,
to Customer Relationship Management and Decision Support Systems.